What’s Included in a Nursery Franchise at Toddleworld?

When you’re making your decision about who to work with, you’ll want to know what’s included in a nursery franchise at Toddleworld so you can compare what’s on offer.

We think you’ll agree, Toddleworld is the best choice!

Your Name, Your Brand

Unlike other franchises, we will not insist that you use our brand name: we recognise this is your business. We will help you create your own brand but we are guessing that you will already have your own ideas!

We want our nurseries to reflect their community. We don’t expect them all to be the same. However, behind the scenes, the pedagogy, systems, controls, staff training and ethos will be consistent. In this, we are the ‘engine’ behind your business.

Acquisition & Research

With a Toddleword franchise, we’ll be with you right from the beginning and can offer bespoke consultancy services before you need to commit to the full fee. We will support you with:

  • Demographic assessment of local area
  • Competitor assessment
  • Liaising with sales agents

We partner with MTM Consulting, established for more than three decades, and providing market research, business and marketing strategy to the independent education sector for the past 35 years. MTM’s experienced analysts have up-to-the-minute demographic data at their fingertips and the in-depth knowledge of the UK’s early years and preparatory school market to interpret it and to make astute, actionable recommendations that form the foundation of successful decision-making for independent schools.


Once you’ve found a property that you’re interested in, our team will be available to carry out a full assessment on the suitability of the premises. We will advise on suggested layout, potential occupancy in line with Ofsted requirements. If needed, we can also support with property negotiations and planning services. We also have an optional building services package.


Our expertise in starting and running businesses from a broad range of sectors is one of the things that makes a Toddleworld nursery franchise unique in the sector. We will support you with:

  • Creating a business plan
  • Creating detailed financial plans
  • Setting fees
  • Navigating early years funding availability
  • Parental contract
  • Initial support for Company secretarial responsibilities

We will also be available for coaching support for successful show arounds and parental engagement advice.


Our comprehensive list of suppliers required will set you on your way to arranging everything you could possibly need to run your nursery. Some suppliers are selected by Toddleword and some you have the freedom to choose.

Our Early Years team will work with you to design each room and provide a bespoke garden design service along with details of all the resources you need to open the nursery.

We’ll also take care of arranging the IT and telephony services and get you started with emails and access to our Toddleworld SharePoint so that you have access to all the documents you need.

Eco Friendly New Builds

Where new buildings are required for your early years settings, we partner with TG Escapes, whose modular eco-buildings use modern methods of construction, traditional materials and sophisticated technology, to create a standalone space that is net-zero in operation.

They have provided over 800 buildings UK wide and were awarded Contractor of the Year at the 2021 Education Estates Awards. The use of biophilic design principles, natural materials, easy access to the outdoors and natural light make the buildings particularly well suited to early years settings.

Early Years Expertise

Our early years support starts with your Ofsted registration and helping you with the Ofsted nominated person interview. We’ll make sure you have all the necessary early years policies, procedures and supporting documentation. You will also follow the Toddleworld nursery curriculum and have all the resources you need to get started.

Using our preferred supplier, we will get you started with your nursery management software that will enable you to track all your enquiries, store children’s data, manage your occupancy levels, report on future occupancy and invoice directly to parents.


Our team of HR Specialists, with extensive experience in the early years sector will be with you from day one providing everything you need for your new staff team. There is no need to spend time creating handbooks or HR policies; all of these, along with letters and other template documents are included.

We know that recruiting the right team is crucial – we’ve done it ourselves many times! With a Toddleworld nursery franchise, the Nursery Manager recruitment is taken care of for you from advertising to interviewing – all you need to do is decide on the right candidate for you. We also provide support for the initial recruitment of the staff team.

A unique feature of a Toddleworld nursery franchise is our personality profiling service. We’re accredited with Clarity4D and provide a personality profile and 1 x one hour coaching sessions for you the Owner, your Manager and Deputy. A better understanding of how you all work will help build effective relationships as you open your nursery.


You’ve got the building. We’ve found the perfect resources and the garden plans are underway. How do you tell families you’re opening? With our comprehensive new nursery marketing plan! 

We’ll work with you to create a website that’s search engine optimised to help you get noticed on Google, support you with setting up your social media accounts and get you started with blog content. Our marketing consultants will dedicate time each month to your social media accounts and provide content and a schedule for you to follow. We will even help with Facebook advertising to help you target your ideal customer base and get you seen on Day Nurseries.

Food and Nutrition

Working with local suppliers, we will support you to find a catering provider that can deliver high quality, safe and nutritious meals. If you’d prefer to have an onsite kitchen and Chef, our bespoke catering design services are available for you to choose from.

Health and Safety

You can’t take Health and Safety seriously enough when you’re dealing with young children, we’re here to help you create a comprehensive health and safety manual containing:

  • Policies
  • Risk assessments
  • Annual calendar of events
  • Forms

We will also provide regular Health and Safety audits.

Find Out More About Toddleworld

We understand that choosing who to partner with for your early years setting can be a big decision.

A decision that will affect how successful you will be as well as your long-term prospects.

Clearly it’s not a decision you’re going to take lightly.

So before you act, who not find out more about how we can help you and why our approach is different?

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