Thinking of selling your nursery?

The last year has been the toughest yet for all Early Years providers. Although we may have survived this far the damage has most definitely taken its toll. We have been speaking to owners who have in their own words been broken. The stress and strain of keeping the nursery afloat, motivating staff, making parents feel safe and their children safe, plus being bombarded by all of the updated guidance.

Now the storm is passing some owners feel far too damaged to continue, what stared out as a dream, their baby, their vision, and their passion has for some become a nightmare and they want out of it.

They have shared their thoughts of guilt feeling they will let a staff team down and for themselves having no financial security for the future as they will be selling their dream for a lot less than it was worth before lockdown.

The one question we have been asking owners is do you really hand on heart want to sell? And the answer in the majority of cases is no, but what is the alternative.

Well, the alternative is speaking to us and we can offer you two choices.

  • We can ease the stress and help you get back to pre-COVID success and hopefully even better.
  • At the end of a period of time you can then decide if you would like to continue with our support or if you want to put the nursery up for sale at the cost it is really worth after all of the time, skills and passion you have invested in your nursery.

With Toddleworld, there is another way and with our expertise, we can help you achieve your aim and maybe selling your nursery isn’t what’s right after all.

For more information about how Toddleworld can help you get in touch for a no obligation chat.