Is It Right For Me?

Who should consider a Toddleworld franchise? Setting up any business is a major step so choosing the right partners is a vital step on your journey, we hope this will help you decide if we are the right franchise for you!

Who should consider a Toddleworld franchise?

You may have no previous experience in the Early Years sector, but are looking for an exciting career change, where you can be your own boss.

You may have some experience and expertise in the sector and are now considering the next step: owning your own nursery.  You may however not yet be comfortable with all the legal, regulatory and commercial aspects of running your own business.

You may be looking to start or acquire a business in the sector as an investment for the future, whilst continuing with the ‘day job’. 

Whatever your background and objectives, it is important that you have, or wish to develop, a deep interest in Early Years. We are confident we can help you become commercially successful, but a pre-requisite is that you bring enthusiasm and energy to the prospect of owning your own business in this challenging yet tremendously rewarding sector.

Is a Franchise right for me?

If you are considering starting your own nursery business or buying a nursery for the first time, there are a number of support options available to you. Which one suits you will depend on a number factors, including your level of experience (both in running a business and in the sector specifically) and the extent to which you intend to be involved day to day.

If you fall into any of the following categories, the franchise model is the perfect fit:

  • You are new to the sector and although you have business experience, you do not intend to be involved in the nursery day to day
  • You are new to the sector but have no previous business experience, but you intend to be ‘hands-on’ in the business, developing both your business and sector-specific skills
  • You are experienced in the sector, but have not run your own business; you intend to be ‘hands-on’ and to develop business skills to complement your sector knowledge

If however you have both business and sector experience and are intending to be personally involved in the business day to day, it may be that all you need is some expert consultancy support to help you. There are a number of Early Years consultants out there. In fact, this is a service we provide to a number of nurseries.

Why a Toddleworld Franchise?

Our franchise proposition differs from the traditional service you would expect to receive from a consultant and, indeed, from the traditional franchise offering.

We are only interested in working with people with whom we feel we can strike a genuine partnership. We enjoy our work and want you to enjoy it also. We intend to be your business partners, providing you with the know-how to operate a successful nursery. This is reflected in our fee structure.

Once we have agreed our initial fee with you, we will do whatever is required to ensure the success of the nursery. We will not be counting or charging by the hour or day. We will be focused on the ‘output’, the results we achieve together. Our aim is to make you and your business sustainable and delivering to a high standard.

Our commitment is to get you and your business from zero to self sufficiency in 18 months from finding a suitable property. Properties requiring significant redevelopment may take longer.

We are interested in long-term partnerships. We will be there to support you as your nursery grows and becomes established – and, indeed, if you decide to open more settings! We will work with you, your manager and your staff to deliver continuous improvement and make sure you are up-to-date with all industry developments and legal and regulatory requirements.

Our ongoing fee structure is designed to reinforce our partnership ethos. We will typically charge 5% (+ VAT) of gross monthly revenues, ensuring our interests are aligned with yours!

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Toddleworld Fees

One of the first conversations we will have with you, is to identify the capital required for your project.


Our initial fee of £30,000 will cover everything we need to do to launch the nursery. For acquisitions, £15,000 will be required to complete the transition phase.


We charge 5% of gross revenues from the opening of the nursery or the date of acquisition.

All fees are net of VAT.

Toddleworld – Your Next Step

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We understand that choosing who to partner with for your early years setting can be a big decision.

A decision that will affect how successful you will be as well as your long-term prospects.

Clearly it’s not a decision you’re going to take lightly.

So before you act, who not find out more about how we can help you and why our approach is different?

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