Independent Schools

We offer a specialised service to support Independent Schools who offer, or wish to offer, nursery provision.

We have recently supported The Mall school in Twickenham, South West London, to create a stunning nursery school, which is both a facility for the local community and, potentially, a feeder for the school itself.

At the assessment phase, our support encompasses an initial feasibility study, business and financial planning, analysis of likely project costs, demographic analysis with our partners MTM, liaison and presentations to governors, cultural alignment.

During the implementation phase, we advise on the refurbishment, design, resources, layout, recruitment, marketing, curriculum, staff training, safeguarding and regulation, policies and processes and, indeed, commercial matters. We would either take responsibility for delivery in each of these areas or, if more appropriate, support your in-house team to achieve the same.

After the launch, we provide a full management service, reporting monthly to the Head and the Board of Governors. Our focus is on maintaining quality, continuous improvement, regulatory requirements, marketing support, occupancy levels, monthly quality assessments and action plans, ongoing recruitment, adherence to policies and procedures, staff training, coaching and mentoring senior staff.

Each project is different, but our commitment is to undertake as many of the tasks identified in our services menu in order to achieve the agreed objectives.

Key to the success of these projects is ensuring that the culture, values and ethos of the school are reflected in the nursery. We work closely with the reception teacher(s) to prepare those children who will be transitioning to the school.

The Good School Guide

Here’s an example of how our input can help independent schools set up excellent nurseries:

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