Bespoke Curriculum Planning

Preparing children to arrive at school ready to learn and with a love of learning

Life is a Journey

The Toddleworld approach to curriculum is that it is an open-ended journey of activity, allowing children to learn what they want to learn.

Every child will arrive with a different personality, life experience and skill sets, and we make no assumptions about what they can and will be able to achieve. Our teachers are trained to make plans for every individual child, covering all seven established areas of learning. 

Problem solving skills sit at the heart of our approach, and we encourage self regulation rather than behaviour management.

Above all, we don’t force children into structured learning, but equip them with what they need to arrive at school ready and keen to learn. We find this works for the child, the parent and the school – as well as the day nursery!

The Whole Child

We apply our knowledge and research to helping you achieve the best outcomes for each child in your care, tailored to the style of your setting. These outcomes may be educational as well as covering a wider range of skills, in a setting that aligns with your values. For example:

  • Using best practise to encourage and nudge children to develop resiliance and confidence
  • Teaching children to take risks in play and learning can lead to better later performance in Maths and Literacy
  • Incorporating environmental print walks in everyday activities as children will take in more when they are outside
  • Focusing on language and communication – hearing more words in a day improves later vocabulary and communication skills

If you would like to discuss whether the Toddleworld approach will help you meet your objectives, call us on 07966 396187.